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CAST Inc. Opens of Overseas Office in Malaysia

Updated: Jan 31

~Aiming to win projects for demonstration implementation of "High-Temperature Pipe Thickness Monitoring System" at plants in Malaysia, etc.~


CAST Inc. (Headquarters: Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, President and Representative Director Kei Nakatsuma, hereinafter referred to as "CAST") is pleased to announce that it has opened an overseas office in Malaysia.The base is the Center of Garage Malaysia (hereinafter referred to as "COGMY") in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, and we have moved in from January 2024, which will be an opportunity for us to expand overseas.With the opening of this overseas base, we aim to win projects for the demonstration implementation of CAST's "High-Temperature Pipe Thickness Monitoring System" at plants in Malaysia and elsewhere.

KUMAMOTO, Jan. 30, 2024 /CAST Inc. / –

■Overview of base

CAST will move into COGMY, which was opened in Cyberjaya, Malaysia's special economic zone, from January 2024, and will be an opportunity for us to expand sales channels, such as winning projects, demonstration implementation at local plants and obtaining local partner companies. COGMY's opening ceremony was held on January 16th, and President Nakatsuma of CAST attended.

Office name: Center of Garage Malaysia

Address: Block 2330, Century Square, Jalan Usahawan, Cyberjaya, Selangor

Opening date: January 16, 2024

■Background of overseas expansion

CAST was founded in September 2019 and has developed and sold "High-Temperature Pipe Thickness Monitoring System" that has unique characteristics of heat resistance, flexibility, and thinness.

This system does not break down even in high-temperature environments, and monitors changes in the thickness of factory piping, tanks, etc., and detects thinning of piping and tanks due to corrosion, etc.The detected data is stored on the network and can be checked by anyone, anytime, anywhere.It can be constantly and remotely monitored, reducing the burden of inspections in dangerous factories, preventing accidents, and extending the life of equipment.

The risk of accidents and production stoppages due to thinning of pipes at manufacturing sites is a common issue worldwide, regardless of the manufacturing site.In particular, Southeast Asia maintains a high level of economic growth, and we believe it is possible to utilize technology to solve local issues and grow together.Initially, we will establish a base in Malaysia, and aim to expand our sales channels by winning projects to demonstrate the system at local plants and by obtaining local partner companies.

■About CAST Inc. 

CAST Inc. was founded in September 2019.We research, develop, manufacture, and sell sensors, peripherals, and software.

Sources: CAST Inc.

Address: 5-7-6 Toroku, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture



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