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Our Manifesto

We founded CAST Inc. , with the mission of “Sensors Everywhere”.

Measurement is a technology with a very old history, and it continues to evolve. In recent years, IoT and AI have become major trends with the development of communications infrastructure and sophisticated data processing algorithms. However, no matter how much analytical technology develops, the immutable principle of “Garbage In, Garbage Out” never change from the time when we measured weight with a balance. CAST is dedicated to creating sensors accurately acquiring physical quantities using devices and mechanisms based on a deep insight of physical phenomena.

Based on the philosophy of “Sensible Sensing”, CAST contributes to realize a smarter and safer world by providing high-quality and diverse sensors as measurement systems appropriate for the IoT era.

CEO Kei Nakatsuma

Company Profile

​Company Name       CAST Inc.

​Established in           September 2019

CEO                            Kei Nakatsuma, Ph.D

Our Business            Research, development, manufacture and sales of sensors

                                      and peripheral equipment and software.   

Capital                       25 Million Yen

​Location                     Registered Office:5-7-6,Toroku,Chuo-ku,Kumamoto-shi,

                                         Kumamoto, Japan 


Company Timeline

Development of core technology

Founded CAST Co.

Product Information Released and
Article published in Japanese Economics Newspaper
Establish basic technology Commencement of commercialization activities
Started plantoperations in
Aichi Prefecture 

Our Team

Mr. Nakatsuma_edited.jpg

Co-founder, President

Kei Nakatsuma, Ph.D

Graduated from the Department of Numerical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, and obtained a doctorate (Information Science and Engineering) from the Graduate School of Information Science and Engineering. Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Advanced Sciences, Kumamoto University.

In September 2019, co-founded CAST

Inc. and assumed office as CEO



Ran Fukayama

Majored in IP law and biotechnology MOT at graduate school and obtained a master's degree. Engaged in research support work such as intellectual property and compliance at AIST.

In March 2022, became a director of CAST Inc.


Hiroshi Urata

After graduating from university, experienced in lending and venture investment at Higo Bank and  group company, Higin Capital.In April 2023, became a director of CAST Inc.


In April 2023, he became a director of CAST Inc.

Mr. Tsutsumi_edited.jpg


Kyosuke Tsutsumi

After graduating from Kumamoto University Graduate School, engaged in prototype design and evaluation work at a major electrical equipment manufacturer. 

Mr. Tanaka_edited.jpg


Yuya Tanaka

After graduating from Kumamoto University Graduate School, he engaged in factory line design and start-up work at a major in-vehicle parts manufacturer.


Munehiro Inoue

After completing graduate school, he worked in software development.
Later, after working for a major audit firm, he experienced being a CFO of a venture company. Currently, he is supporting companies as a certified public accountant and tax accountant who understands IT.

In August 2023, he was appointed as an auditor of CAST Inc.

Yayoi Watanabe_edited.jpg


Yayoi Watanabe


After graduating from university, worked as a librarian and a university employee. Afterthat, she gained experience as an office and sales executive at a manufacturing company. She is involved in clerical, managerial and design work at CAST.

Mr. Kimura's photo_edited.jpg


​Sho Kimura

Entered the graduate school of Kumamoto University from Kumamoto National College of Technology. After completing studies, worked for a major telecommunications carrier company before assuming  current position. At the graduate school, received a master's degree on the theme of our company's fundamental technology.

Photo by Satoshi Tanaka_edited.jpg


​​Tomoki Tanaka


After completing graduate school, worked in software development at an affiliate of a major telecommunications construction company.

(プロフィール用写真) 井上宗寛.jpg
スクリーンショット 2022-09-22 170755.jpg

Sales and Management Strategy Office

​Yoshiko Watanabe

Engaged in sales in the construction industry, starting with the sales promotion department of a major publishing company, and in BPO business MG positions at companies centered on startups. After gaining independent experience, joined CAST as a salesperson.


Naoko Hashimoto


Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. After graduating from university, Sh was engaged in chassis design and performance verification work at a refrigeration equipment manufacturer.

Sales and Management Strategy Office

Muneyuki Kitagawa​

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. After graduating from University, worked for a corporation related to the dairy industry, selling materials and making proposals to improve customer management. After gaining independent experience, joined CAST as a salesperson.

Mr. Kobayashi_edited.jpg

Co-founder/Technical advisor

Makiko Kobayashi, Ph.D

Graduated from Chiba University and obtained a doctorate from McGill University, Canada. Professor, Faculty of Advanced Sciences, Kumamoto University.

Co-founded CAST Inc., Ltd. in September 2019.

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